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Spa & Wellbeing Paris,

La Bulle de Sèvres Saint-Germain !

Who doesn't dream of living in their own bubble, in the heart of Paris? La Bulle de Sèvres is a spa and a privatised 35m² area dedicated to your well-being, to your pleasure and to all your relaxing care in a charming hotel. Find apan and ataraxia with our three exclusive relaxation methods available to you for your serenity.

» Flotation Cocoon

Immerse yourself in a magnesium based salt water solution. Thanks to the absence of gravity, relaxation invades your body and soul. The effects are immediate and you'll feel the difference straight away on your skin and your stress. Free your body and your soul!

» The Alpha Lounge

Comfortably seated in your acoustic chair, the Alpha Lounge, enter into a state of deep relaxation. Explore the tranquillity and relaxation right up to the point of sleep. Isolate yourself from the world, the Alpha Lounge consists of an ideal method for forgetting your troubles and to vanquish insomnia.

» Feng Shui Spa

Top of the range technology, the Feng Shui Spa allows for the many uses of multi-sensory synergy functions : long infra-red sessions, steam bath, massage bed, aromatherapy and color therapy. Besides reducing stress, it helps detoxification and slimming.

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